About us

In December of 2009, Aaron took a leap of faith by signing a lease that he could not truly afford. Despite this, he did it with the enthusiasm and optimism reminiscent of a 6 year old boy. He went through a fire sale stage in the year before, to finance the dream of his 6 year old self. His first store started off with virtually  no inventory, just a single case of jewelry and a dream to sell. After 12 hard months, he had made enough to expand the first shop, and expand into the suite next door. Aaron worked the store alone by day and sorted inventory and cleaned up at night, even sleeping on a buffalo hide in the back room to make sure he accomplished everything that needed to be done. 

The Original Silver Post sold a multitude of things; Home decor, Native American Jewelry Pottery and Artifacts, even cowboy boots! Blood sweat and tears were shed in order to open the newly expanded Silver Post. Finally, Aaron was able to afford an employee to help relieve the growing pains. Around this time, he met his now wife Sarah, and that’s when things really began to look up for him for the first time in a long time. She understood and believed in his vision, eventually joining the business to help him expand even further. Silver Post did well until the shopping center Silver Post was located in went into foreclosure and all of the anchor tenants left. After 6 years of keeping the doors open despite the economy and other pitfalls, Silver Post was on the brink of extinction, being the last open store on property. Despite having limited resources and money, but a whole lot of hope and determination, Aaron took another risk in relocating and downsizing to a location down the street. This time, he decided to focus on his true passion of crystals and minerals, along with the jewelry that paid homage to the original family business. Within a year of redefining what Silver Post stands for, Aaron once again expanded, but this time with a second location just 20 minutes from  the original Silver Post location. This decision propelled Silver Post into a successful and distinguished name in the Crystal and Jewelry business in Las Vegas, Nevada.