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  • Amethyst is associated with many legends regarding its use for sobriety and addiction. It is used to prevent nightmares and alleviate headaches. This stone is a cleansing stone that purifies the emotions, therefore,

    Amethyst represents Clarity & Healing.

    Labradorite is a stone for awakening inner feelings of self worth. It allows you to see through illusions and find the light in darkness, or at the end of a tunnel. This stone is said to help determine goals and dreams, therefore,

    Labradorite represents Determination & Illusion.

    Moonstone is a stone of calmness, hope and new beginnings. It has been thought to increase ones flexibility and allow one to accept the flow of life. This stone also promotes empathy and intuition therefore,

    Moonstone represents New Beginnings and Flow of Life.

    Garnet is thought to help release bad karma. It has been used as to stabilize order in chaotic situations. This stone is said to help revitalize an atmosphere through positive energy and regeneration, therefore,

    Garnet represents Order and Regeneration.

    Carnelian is thought to be a stone of the sun. It helps to restore the flow of positivity and energy within the body. This stone assists in sheltering the soul from depression and stabilizing fear within the mind, therefore,

    Carnelian represents Change & Stability.

    Onyx is believed to be the stone of invisibility, because there is an absence of light. It is thought to help separate, especially negative emotions such as grief or sorrow. This stone helps one to own up to their actions, therefore,

    Onyx represents Self Confidence, Protection & Responsibility.

    Turquoise is sometimes referred to as the sky stone. It is believed that turquoise was the sky stone because of its blue hue. It is also thought that gazing into the sky and the heavens can bring peace and serenity, therefore,

    Turquoise represents Happiness and Luck.

    Pearls are known to calm one and also bring luck to the owner. The different colored Pearls resemble different meanings. As for the common white pearl,

    Pearl represents New Beginnings, Beauty, & Purity.

    Tiger’s Eye helps you understand your own needs, especially in relation to others. Due to its appearance, it is thought to be all seeing. It has been used to focus the mind, making decisions unclouded by emotions, therefore,

    Tiger’s Eye represents Clear Thinking and Understanding.

    Lapis Lazuli is a stone that allows one to look inward at your own soul to show an inner truth that you may keep. This stone helps you to be able to find yourself, which in turn makes you become a better friend, therefore,

    Lapis represents Friendship and Truth.

    Green Aventurine is a stone for enterprising people, especially travelers. It brings awareness to surroundings and situations, helping to bring happiness to career paths. This stone is said to help develop confidence, therefore,

    Green Aventurine represents Awareness & Success.



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