Single Monarch Butterfly in Frame, Preserved Butterfly, Ethically Sourced Taxidermy, Danaus Plexippus, Milkweed, Common Tiger, Nymphalidae

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  • The Scientific name for this species is known as Danus Plexippus.

    The dimensions for this framed butterfly is L 4.5in x W4.5in x H 1.25in

    These butterflies are raised in butterfly farms in the Amazon jungle. Growing big and beautiful they live out the entirety of their natural lives. Once their life cycle is complete they are collected by the butterfly farmers and placed in frames by local artisans. These frames create a sustainable ecosystem and provide fair income for the artisans and their families. Each frame is labeled by a licensed biologist with the specific scientific name of the butterflies. All the butterflies used in these frames are all in the common butterfly family and are NOT endangered species. The frames look best one hung near natural light but it is recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight and or moist environments. Butterflies represent transformation and happiness bring color to life and remind us to enjoy the dance of life.

    Due to the unique nature of each butterfly, your item may vary slightly from the picture shown, though they are all very similar.


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