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  • Hypersthene is an opaque stone found in brown green black or grey. It is found in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Norway, and Australia to name a few places. It was named in 1804 and the name is derived from 2 Greek words, "Hyper" which means above, and "Stonos" which means power.

    Hypersthene is a stone to help with solving problems, it helps to manifest intentions, it's also a wonderful stone for helping enhance any preexisting Clairvoyant and or Clairaudient abilities you may have, therefore,

    Hypersthene represents Pyschic Enhancement and Manifestation.

    Chakra translates from Sanskrit to mean wheel of light. There are 7 chakras that are the energy centers in the body. The chakras appear as wheel like vortices of energy that are referred to as lotuses. Each chakra has its own purpose association and connection. It is beneficial to one’s well-being to keep them in balance with the soul within the universe

    *Due to the unique nature of each stone, your item may vary slightly from the picture shown. All items are cleansed with white sage before being shipped.

    *All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

    *This particular bracelet is made on an elastic stretchy string. Considering our stones mainly come from natural crystals, the beads can vary in shape, color, pattern and size.



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