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  • "Agate is a translucent to opaque stone that can be found in every color. It is typically found with a white or cream banded pattern. This stone was named by a Greek philosopher Theophrastus after the Achates River.

    Agate was discovered in ancient times in Sicily, Italy. Black Agate is a black stone that assists you in keeping calm during times of hardship. During times of difficulty, it is thought to help you remember your inner strength and you can get through anything. This stone helps with self-control and courage, therefore,

    Black Agate represents Protection, Grounding, and Perserverance.

    Howlite is an opaque stone that can vary from white to cream in hue. It is typically found with a light to dark grey matrix with a spiderweb veining pattern. This stone was discovered in 1868 in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    Howlite is named after Henry How, the mineralogist who discovered it.

    Howlite is often used under ones pillow to alleviate insomnia. It is also thought to absorb negative thoughts and energies, helping one to think more logically. This stone is often dyed to imitate other stones, therefore,

    Howlite represents Observation and Reasoning.

    Size: 6 mm Round Bead

    The chakras associated with Black Agate and Howlite are:

    The Heart Chakra brings Hope & Forgiveness to everyday life. When this Chakra is balanced it can bring Devotion & Compassion.

    The Root Chakra brings Security & Grounding to everyday life. When this Chakra is balanced it can bring Passion & Empowerment.

    *Due to the unique nature of each stone, your item may vary slightly from the picture shown. All items are cleansed with white sage before being shipped.

    *All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

    *This particular bracelet is made on an elastic stretchy string. Considering our stones mainly come from natural crystals, the beads can vary in shape, color, pattern and size.


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